HV Battery Recovery & Recycling Program

Consistent with Toyota's Earth Charter, Toyota has a strong desire to see that all HV batteries ultimately find their way back into the battery manufacturing cycle. As a Toyota/Lexus dealer, you play a very important role in this process. For more information, please visit the HV Battery Recovery & Recycling Program and HV Battery Program Procedures & Documents pages.

Corrosion Resistant Compound (CRC) Program

If your Toyota Dealership participates in the CRC Program, please visit the login page and login using your dealer code and zip code to access all documents and resources related to the campaigns.

Special Service Campaign 21TC02 12 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Instructions

Your dealer may recycle used Supra 12 Volt Lithium Ion batteries replaced under Special Service Campaign 21TC02 by following the steps outlined under the “Recycling Instructions” section in either the 21TCo2_Technical Instructions document or the 21TCo2_Special Service Campaign Dealer Letter document.

Note: 1. If a Supra 12 Volt Lithium Ion battery was replaced, but not replaced under the Special Service Campaign 21TC02, it may still be recycled by following the steps outlined in these documents. 2. This process does not apply to 12 Volt lead acid batteries.

*If you are unable to access the battery label link under step 2 of the "Recycling Instructions" section, you can access the link here: Battery Label.