EHM-001: Hazardous Materials Training for Auto Dealers

KPA’s DOT Hazardous Materials Training is an e-learning course that was developed to ensure that hazmat (Hazardous Materials) employees understand hazmat shipping regulations, and how to comply with them. The DOT requires that you complete this training every three years if you perform at least one the following functions:

  • Use the Hazardous Materials Table to classify hazmat, including air shipments
  • Work with hazardous waste shipments
  • Document hazardous material shipments and filling out shipping papers
  • Package, mark, and/or label hazardous materials
  • Load, unload, block, brace, segregate, and/or transport hazmat, as well as report incidents for a parts vehicle

The estimated completion time for this course is 45+ minutes. Please see below for FAQs, and the learning objectives for each module of the course.

Please log in using your dealer code and SPIN to access this training.

Course Description

Click the module titles below to find the learning objectives upon completion of each section.

  • Understand basic terms that relate to Hazardous Materials transportation
  • Explain why Hazardous materials transportation is such a big deal
  • Identify hazardous materials based on marking, labeling, hazard classes and packaging
  • Explain the importance of the hazardous materials table
  • Identify hazardous materials on a shipping paper
  • Understand what to do in case of a hazardous materials incident and how to report it
  • Explain basic security precautions that apply to an auto dealership
  • Apply the information above as they relate to common hazardous materials scenarios at a typical auto dealership
  • Locate information about a particular hazardous material, like its shipping name, hazard class, or packaging instructions
  • Explain the risks associated with shipping hazardous materials by air
  • Explain the steps required to ship a material by air and when it is not possible
  • Determine whether your wastes are DOT regulated
  • Identify which shipping papers can be used for shipping your waste
  • Describe the cradle-to-grave waste disposal process
  • Describe what to do if an original waste manifest isn’t returned within the required time period
  • Identify the six marking and labeling requirements for your hazardous waste containers
  • Visually verify that your waste drums are in good condition
  • Recognize common types of shipping papers
  • Name the two shipping paper exceptions for the auto industry
  • List the six pieces of information that must be included on a shipping paper
  • Name the four parts of the basic shipping description
  • Fill out a shipping paper for common automotive hazardous materials
  • Explain how long you must keep shipping papers on file
  • Choose the right box for your hazmat
  • Identify at least four elements of correct hazmat packaging
  • Explain how to pack solid and liquid hazmat and the external forces acting on your shipment
  • Label your hazmat with four pieces of specific information, including the appropriate hazard class
  • Identify five marking requirements
  • Identify the additional packing and labeling requirements for parts cages and overpacks
  • Identify the various label variations for each hazard class
  • How to identify which packages contain hazardous materials
  • How to properly load and unload, as well as block and brace hazardous materials
  • What to do with shipping papers
  • What qualifies as Materials of Trade
  • When placarding is required
  • How to report a hazardous materials

FAQS for ShipHazmat (Excluding GST & SET)

Reference Bureau of Dangerous Goods website to register as a Parts Manager or Dealer Associate and take training course
Reference ShipHazmat website to gain access to prepare hazardous material shipper documentation>
You may contact your facing PDC Customer Support Leader for any questions regarding List 3 Hazardous Material Dealer Returns Policy Revision
To support the enhanced list 3 hazardous material monthly parts return program (PANT 2014-042), dealer parts accounts will be billed a nominal annual fee of $84 for Bureau of Dangerous Goods ShipHazmat website. This fee will be consolidated with the annual fee of $275 associated with EHM-001, DOT Hazardous Materials Training for a total billing cost of $359. Billing will appear on your October or November parts account statement covering your combined annual license fees.


DOT requires RECURRING training a minimum of every 3 years. CCAR HazmatU® training certificates expire 3 years from date of training completion. You will need to take KPA’s EHM-001, DOT Hazardous Materials Training once your previous certification lapses.

All Toyota/Scion/Lexus dealers in the USA have a site license to use EHM-001, DOT Hazardous Materials Training for any StaffMaster-enrolled fixed operations associate. To log into the KPA learning management system, use your dealer code and SPIN, as follows:

48 Continental States and Alaska

SPIN Number = Enter Your SPIN Number from the StaffMaster System (e.g., 104987654321)

Dealer Code = Enter Your Five-Digit Dealer Code (e.g., 01234)


EHM-001 must be accessed via the login at the top of this page

USER ID Number = Servco User ID Number + four zeros (e.g., 123450000)

Dealer Code = Your Dealer Code + three zeros (e.g., 12000)

For log-in assistance, please contact the CLEAN Dealer Hotline at +1 (877) 572-4347 or email Toyota Support. If your dealership has gone through a recent buy/sell, your EHM-001 log-in credentials and training records will be updated with the next database refresh, typically within one week of the change. If you are having difficulty with the log-in, please contact the CLEAN Dealer Hotline at +1 (877) 572-4347 or email Toyota Support

EHM-001, DOT Hazardous Materials Training is Toyota's required dealer standard for HAZMAT training. All dealerships have access to EHM-001, with an unlimited site license to train any StaffMaster-enrolled fixed operations personnel. Dealer parts accounts are billed a nominal fee of $275/yr for these services.
A packet of information was sent to your dealership through your Area/Regional office in August 2008. Click here to view a copy of the letter sent to your dealership.
DOT regulations require you to receive INITIAL training within 90 days of becoming a hazmat employee. DOT requires RECURRING training a minimum of every 3 years. Your EHM-001, DOT Hazardous Materials Training certificates expire 3 years from date of training completion.
KPA’s EHM-001, DOT Hazardous Materials Training is the standard compliance curriculum across the Toyota/Scion/Lexus enterprise; it is also a TMS/USA requirement for any dealership hazmat employee who ships/receives/transports hazmat-related parts to/from Toyota and its affiliates. In the future there will be custom modules to support special parts recovery needs and obsolescence returns. (i.e. airbags, HV batteries, etc.).

The KPA learning management system is tied to the Toyota StaffMaster system to:

  • Ease credential management
  • Enable certificate tracking
  • Mitigate risk for the dealer & TMS/USA
While some dealerships already have a HAZMAT program, there is a strong business need for a common, industry-standard training program designed expressly for automotive industry Hazmat employees. KPA’s EHM-001, DOT Hazardous Materials Training is the required minimum standard for Hazmat employees who work in Toyota/Scion/Lexus dealerships.
Use of EHM-001, DOT Hazardous Materials Training is based on a dealership site license and your StaffMaster dealer code. For a nominal fee of $275 annually, your KPA site license gives your dealership training privileges for all StaffMaster-enrolled fixed operations associates associated with your dealer code. License fees must be assessed for each unique dealer code.
In the event a Toyota/Scion/Lexus dealer associate has already completed KPA’s Hazmat Training for Auto Dealers, their existing training records will be automatically transferred to the UOT Learning Management System.
As long as you are within the 3 year certification window and enrolled in the StaffMaster system with an appropriate job code, KPA can transfer your records into your dealership’s account. Please contact the CLEAN Dealer Hotline at +1 (877) 572-4347 or email Toyota Support to initiate the process.
Yes, each person who completes the course by correctly answering at least 80 percent of the questions on the final exam will receive a certificate that complies with 49 CFR (also known as "General Awareness/Function Specific Training").
Yes, this course teaches you how to "ground ship" with UPS and FedEx; however, in order to work with either company, you must complete an application and document your certification.
There is no "shipper identification number." A vehicle ID number is required on the Hazardous Materials shipping papers for the transporter.

No. KPA’s EHM-001, DOT Hazardous Materials Training is a training program; the program does not currently offer Emergency Hotline services. There are a number of consulting services that offer this type of service. Following is a list of some of the more prominent services available for this purpose.