EHM-001: Hazardous Materials Training for Auto Dealers

EHM-001: Hazardous Materials Training is an e-learning program that was created by KPA to ensure that Dealership fixed operations Hazmat employees have a clear, accurate and common understanding of HazMat (Hazardous Materials) shipping regulations. This program helps dealerships comply with DOT training requirements and prevent violations.

For assistance with EHM-001 only, please call (888) 686-4445.

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EHM - 011: High Voltage NiMH Battery Preparation & Packaging for Ground Transportation

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EHM-011 is an e-learning function specific training program required for all Hybrid Certified Technicians and Parts personnel who handle, prepare, package and/or ship High Voltage batteries via ground transportation.

Please note, this course does not certify you to work on hybrid vehicle high-voltage systems. This course is only intended to instruct dealership associates how to properly prepare, package and ship hybrid batteries. Preparation of the hybrid batteries for shipment may only be performed by certified technicians who have successfully completed course TIC209A (Toyota) LIC209A (Lexus) – Toyota Hybrid System and this High Voltage Battery Shipping course.