EHM - 011: High Voltage NiMH Battery Preparation & Packaging for Ground Transportation

EHM-011 is an e-learning function specific training program required for all Hybrid Certified Technicians and Parts personnel who handle, prepare, package and/or ship High Voltage batteries via ground transportation.

Please note, this course does not certify you to work on hybrid vehicle high-voltage systems. This course is only intended to instruct dealership associates how to properly prepare, package and ship hybrid batteries. Preparation of the hybrid batteries for shipment may only be performed by certified technicians who have successfully completed course TIC209A (Toyota) LIC209A (Lexus) – Toyota Hybrid System and this High Voltage Battery Shipping course.

Please log in using your dealer code and SPIN to access this training.

Course Description

Learning objectives upon completion of each module are as follows:

  1. Preparation
    Students should:
    • recognize & be able to identify an HV battery that is not acceptable for shipment;
    • be able to properly prepare a battery for shipment ensuring that all high voltage electrical connectors are insulated, the bus bar covers are present and insulated using the supplied HV mats and that the cover of the battery is secured using all original fasteners.
    • become familiar with the required preparation checklist to be completed and included with each HV battery

  2. Packaging
    Students should:
    • become familiar with the Durable Reusable Container (DRC) used for packaging HV batteries
    • be able to properly package an HV battery in a DRC
    • be able to apply all required labels and markings on a DRC and enclose required documentation within