AWARE Disclaimer

The AWARE Newsletter is a publication of Toyota Motor Sales USA., Inc., Torrance, California, produced by Toyota’s Customer Services Division, Product Quality & Service Support as a service of the Toyota/Scion/Lexus C.L.E.A.N. Dealer Program. The purpose of Aware is to assist Toyota, Scion and Lexus dealerships develop sound environmental, health and safety practices and policies. The information presented in this publication is not intended as legal or professional advice. The information may be condensed and/or simplified to aid in its presentation to the widest possible audience. Readers should seek advice from qualified legal or environmental professionals regarding the applicability of any information presented to the reader's specific situation. Toyota Motor Sates, USA., Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability to any person for reliance on the information presented in this publication or on this website. Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. further assumes no responsibility for articles authored by the Coordinating Committee for Auto Repair (CCAR) or other contributors to the Aware and the C.L.E.A.N. Website. This Newsletter may not be reprinted without permission from Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc., contact: Manager - EH&S Compliance, Industry & Government Relations, 310-468-3377.

KPA Disclaimer

KPA is providing the information contained in this (or these) documents as a service to Toyota and the auto industry at large. KPA believes that the information is correct and accurate as of the date posted and has no reason to believe otherwise. However, KPA does not guarantee the correctness or accuracy of the information and will not be responsible for incorrect or inaccurate information or any damage or loss suffered by any person as a result of reliance on such information by any person. The information presented relates to environmental programs of the Federal and State government. State laws, regulations, ruling and/or local ordinances may apply in lieu of, or in addition to, the Federal rules and should be reviewed before taking any action in reliance on this information.

Listing Policy

The intention of this resource directory is to list companies and response organizations that provide professional services and/or respond in an emergency. Contact information is provided free of charge and is gathered from the public domain. It is highly recommended that interested parties contact the appropriate authorities and service providers directly for details of regulations and services. Every effort has been made to verify the information and the integrity of the resources contained in this directory, however, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. and KPA are not responsible for the accuracy of the information or the performance of the service providers listed herein.